The cause of this global economic oppression

What is the cause of this global economic oppression? It is Riba! A predatory global elite centered in the Zionist-controlled banking centers in the West, but also present around the world, is constantly sucking the wealth and the blood of mankind and impoverishing the laboring masses through Riba. The oppressor creates political, legislative, judicial and legal systems, the media etc., with consummate deception, and he ensures that they all fulfill the basic function of preserving the system of economic oppression. The film industry, television, the internet, modern music, designer clothing, etc., are used to transport the masses to fantasy-land so that they remain in a state of blissful ignorance while Riba is used to control and enslave them.
The Noble Qur’an not only explains the world today, but also explains its economic oppression. The Holy Qur’an, which is a book of ‘wisdom’ (and this includes economic wisdom), has established rules ensuring that wealth does not circulate only amongst the wealthy. Allah has permitted business and forbidden Riba.
“What Allah has bestowed on His Messenger (and taken away) from the people of the townships, belongs to Allah, to His Messenger and to kindred and orphans, the needy and the wayfarer; in order that it (i.e., wealth) may not (only) circulate amongst the wealthy among you. So take what the Messenger assigns to you, and deny yourselves that which he withholds from you. And fear Allah; for Allah is strict in punishment.” (The Holy Qur’an, al-Hashr, 59:7)
A basic characteristic of the economy around the world today is that wealth no longer circulates throughout the economy. Rather wealth now circulates only amongst the wealthy. In consequence around the world the rich are now permanently rich and the poor are imprisoned in permanent poverty. Secondly, the rich keep on growing richer as they literally suck the blood of the masses, while the poor descend into such destitution as brings in its wake anarchy, violence, immense suffering and the destruction of faith and values. Imagine all of mankind to be aboard a ship. A small minority who are permanently rich and who are constantly growing richer, are traveling ‘first class’ in unprecedented luxury and security. They have permanent ‘first class’ tickets. The rich rule the ship. They use their wealth to control politics.
Democracy on board that ship becomes the rule of the rich and for the rich in what amounts to financial prostitution. But the rich do not themselves, directly rule. Rather they do it by proxy and deception in the form of support that they extend to popular politicians and political parties over whom they then exercise invisible control. That is a true description of the political economy of the world today. And it is the European Ashkenazi Jews in Britain and USA who have perfected this method of gaining power and control over the people. To his credit Henry Ford was able to recognize this sinister development in human history.
Most of the rest of mankind are imprisoned in permanent poverty and are condemned to travel below the deck down in the hold of the ship in ever-increasing squalor, poverty, destitution, misery and suffering. They are condemned to work for slave wages so that others may live off their sweat. They also live in ever-increasing insecurity with constant burglaries, violence, shootings, killings and rape of women in neighborhoods infested with drugs and drug dealers.
Those traveling ‘first class’ have access to clean drinking water and to the best medical health services that money can buy. Those below deck, down in the hold, are forced to drink polluted water full of bacteria. They are forced to eat food and drink milk laced with chemicals and hormones. Increasingly they must also eat genetically altered food. They fall ill but cannot afford the cost of medical treatment. They live miserable lives and die miserable deaths. In fact the world economy is a new sophisticated form of economic slavery. But it operates by way of awesome deception.
First of all, although those who control the economy around the world preach a gospel of the ‘free and fair market’, they themselves violate the ‘free market’ by imposing legal obligations on people to accept the use of fraudulent artificial paper money as legal tender. And paper money constantly loses value! As poverty increases and deepens they impose price controls on basic necessities such as food etc., and minimum wage legislation upon the labor market. They do so in order to avert the possibility that the hungry suffering masses would rise up in rebellion against the government and the predatory elite. They also do so in order to avert the possibility that the masses would recognize their new slavery.
“In consequence of the wickedness and injustice of the Jews We made unlawful for them certain (foods), good and wholesome, which had been lawful for them. (We have also done so because) they obstructed so many from Allah’s way, and (because) they took usury (Riba) though they were forbidden to do so, and (in doing so) they wrongfully took the wealth of others. (Because of these evil deeds) We have prepared for those among them who reject Faith a terrible punishment.” (The Holy Qur’an, al-Nisa, 4:160-1)
Holy Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) gave to the world an economic order that was free from economic injustice and oppression. No one worked for slave wages.Wealth did not circulate only amongst the wealthy but, rather, throughout the economy. The rich were not permanently rich and the poor were not permanently poor.
The market was a free and a fair market. No one could ‘reap’ without ‘planting’. Money had intrinsic value and so it could not be manipulated by banks and by a predatory elite to reduce its value. In consequence, such a market and economy never experienced ‘inflation’. No prices were fixed, including the price of labor. Social welfare was achieved in the form of a compulsory tax on wealth that was used to provide for those who did not possess the basic necessities of life. But the value system of the society ensured that the effort would be made, by those who were capable of such effort, to extricate themselves from having to live off that charity.
The Holy Prophet (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) succeeded where every government in the world today has failed. He succeeded because he enforced the divine prohibition of Riba (usury or lending and borrowing money on interest) and he maintained the integrity of money by using real money (rather than artificial money i.e., paper and plastic money). In addition he enforced a penal code that gave deterrent punishment to those found guilty of theft. But the world rejected him, and Muslims abandoned his economic Sunnah.
We consider ‘paper money’ to be Haram and would be taking steps to encourage Muslims to return to the use of gold and silver coins as money which can be used in the market as legal tender. Real money has intrinsic value, while paper money has none. Its only value is that conferred upon it by market forces.
We should not forget, nor allow the world to forget, the dramatic, ominous, and unprecedented collapse of the US dollar in January 1980 when the value of the dollar relative to gold fell to approximately $850 for one ounce! (In 1971 it was $35 an ounce. Its present ‘managed’ value is kept within the range of $280 - $380 per once.) This collapse of the dollar took place in the immediate wake of the successful anti-Western Islamic revolution in Iran that gave control of the vast oil resources of Iran to an Islamic government. A similar collapse occurred in 1973 just after the Arab-Israeli war and the imposition of an Arab oil embargo on USA. The US dollar fell in value by a massive 400% from US$40 for an ounce of gold to US$160.
In fact the collapse of the International Monetary System would occur when the Zionists consider it opportune to bring down the US dollar. The Zionist could then replace USA as the new ruling state in the world, while controlling the new electronic money-system of the world that would then totally replace paper-money.
Our thesis is that the same people who engineered the political transformation of European civilization and, through imitation, the rest of the world, into an essentially godless world, are the same people who seduced the non-European Jews into supporting the Zionist regime. They are the people who increasingly control the wealth of the world through their evil genius in controlling and manipulating the fraudulent international monetary system and the Riba-based banking and insurance system around the world.
Those who have real money will survive the economic meltdown, while those speculators who successfully exploit the collapse will make the greatest profits ever. The masses will lose their wealth and be enslaved. They will be caught with worthless paper parading as money. That is the financial holocaust that is certain to occur in the nearest future.But the currency market is now controlled by the most vicious of all speculative forces, forces fueled by compelling greed with no loyalties.
Banks are the major actors at work in forcing a decrease in the value of money, and banks make the most profit when such occurs. As money loses value, the value of everything is decreased. Prices rise, and wages lose value. Labor is then imprisoned in slave wages. We want to direct Muslims’ attention to the fact that the Zionists control the banking system around the world today.
Today's so-called free market is, in fact, a ‘den of thieves’, in which the strong exploit the weak. The success of Euro-Jewish bankers in targeting the Ottoman Caliph was a classic example of the financial imperialism, which is made possible through Riba. Henry Kissinger was the author of the same strategy that eventually led to the collapse of a super-power in modern times, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). That event should have opened the eyes of the ‘Ulama of Islam. It did not! As a consequence the same strategy continues to be pursued by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, and by so many others.
The Ottoman Caliph, for example, had borrowed considerable sums of money on interest from Europe. His financial and economic difficulties grew to such an extent that he was forced, as a desperate means of preventing the collapse of the Empire, to seek membership in the new European secular State system. He achieved this in the Paris Peace Agreement of 1856. But the price he had to pay was to succumb to European/Jewish financial blackmail that extracted from him the abolition of Jizyah and Ahl al-Dhimmah in all the territories of the Ottoman Empire.
Up to 1924 the Riba-based capitalist European economy could not succeed in penetrating the economy and the market of the Muslim world.
R. W. Tawney wrote a classic book in 1935 entitled “Religion and the Rise of Capitalism” in which he described the prolonged Euro-Christian opposition to Riba. William Shakespeare also did the same in his classic play, “The Merchant of Venice”.
Riba in Islam (as in medieval Christianity) is the lending of money on interest, regardless of the rate of interest. When a ‘money lender’ lends money on interest, then money by itself, independent of any labor or effort or the assumption of any risk by the investor, increases over time. The increase is realized by deception through the exploitation of labor, goods and property. This becomes clear when attention is directed to that which Allah has unambiguously declared in the Qur’an: “ . . . man is entitled to nothing except that for which he labored.” (The Holy Qur’an, al-Najm, 53:39)
Jerusalem in the Holy Qur’an
By: Maulana Imran Nazar Husain (Trinidad)
Published by Masjid Dar al-Quran,
Long Island, New York, USA

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